Plan your Day Trip to Brussels from Paris

Brussels was built in 979 CE by Charles Duke. It used to be a settlement area; then it slowly developed into a military base, a trading center, and later a battlefield. Indeed, it is a historic home full of wonders.

It can take a week to visit the city, but if you only have a day or only a portion of it, you need to use it to the fullest. To do this, you should organize yourself well. For starters, book a train ticket early, prepare yourself, and plan on the cool places to visit. This way, you will stop-by many monuments in the city within the short time frame.

Booking a Train

The average time it takes to travel from Paris to Brussels is one and a half hours. You must reserve a train ticket earlier to secure your seat. You can buy your tickets online or by the train station.

Traveling by train is advantageous. You will travel in comfort, no parking trouble and traffic, congestions, and therefore quick arrival.

Places to visit in Brussels

The wonders in the city are more historical than artistic. The art and structure of some monuments will awe you for hours. Such places include the Gland palace, the Atomium, Mini-Europe, and many more.

The Grand Palace

In the middle of Brussels, you will find the City’s top-level square, known as Grand Price. It is the most preserved monument in Europe and has unique architecture and elegant designs.

Far from the beautiful buildings, the Grand Palace has many treats to offer. There are many hotels, classy buses and art shows to immerse yourself into. Some are like the Brussels waffle shop, Hop-on Hop-off buses, to mention but a few.

Manneken Pis

Discovery of Paris

The Mannekin Pis has many fascinating legends revolving around it. Some claim that it was built in the memory of a brave child who turned away from a bonfire, while others argue that it was structured to commemorate a child who could not hold his urge during a major procession. It is, however, a well designed and an impressive statue.

Saint-Michel Cathedral

The construction of the Saint-Michel Cathedral started in the early 13th century but was completed in the 15th century. It has beautifully partitioned interiors with lavishly furnished walls. The windows are also stunning with uniquely stained glasses.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

Victor Horta designed the Belgian Comic Strip center in 1906. There are regularly updated exhibitions and diverse programs that allow visitors to discover many features of comic arts.