Best things to do in Paris with kids

Paris is well known as a city with an unparalleled number of sites in addition to the famous ones. There are also many things families can do in Paris, other than standing in a two-hour line. Children can get complacent with walking to a multitude of old monuments. So here are four alternative ideas of tours and activities for families.


Paris' 12th district shelters the 36-acre Parc Zoologique de Paris. The zoo boasts a menagerie of 180 animals. A one-acre greenhouse in the park simulates jungle conditions. The indoor habitat shelters animals, from Madagascar to the Amazon. This zoo offers a family ticket for a very reasonable €65. The park is a full day out and is sure to please most children.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, set in the north of Paris. Earning the title of the largest in Europe is an expansive science museum. Designed to entertain children with interactive exhibits and playgrounds. There is enough science to keep the whole family entertained for the entire day. Tickets start from €12 each.


activities for families in Paris

How about a tuk-tuk tour? This motorised rickshaw will transport everyone in comfort, on a dry day. The driver also describes the sites as you go. Prices of private tours for a family of four costs from €60 for the tuk-tuk and the driver. A broad choice of tours and durations are on offer to suit most tastes. There will not be many people that will be able to say they toured Paris in this little moped-mini-van mash up.

For a more chilled way to see Paris. The family can enjoy a boat tour of the underground canal that connects to Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin. The boat companies offer a simple half day-tour from €49. Canal cruises that offer a formal dinner and entertainment are a pleasant way to end the holiday.